On the eve of New 2022 Year, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. received a “scientific gift”

After successfully passing on December 27th and 28th the departmental examination procedure at the State Committee for Science and Technology, two scientific works by uST team were officially included by State Organization “BelISA” into state register.

These works are the following:

1) “To develop and implement methodology for determining deformation and strength characteristics of adhesive joints depending on thickness of adhesive layer” (scientific supervisor of the work – S.V. Artyushevskiy, principal investigator – A.A. Shibut;

2) “Development of software and hardware complex for monitoring high-voltage pulses in liquid with the study and analysis of their parameters” (scientific supervisor of the work – S.V. Artyushevskiy, principal investigator – V.V. Vasilevich).

Thus, in 2021, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. officially registered 5 research and development works in the state register.

We wish the project teams a successful and timely performance of the works, and achievement of the expected results! We hope that in the New Year we will move in this direction as actively as previous year, and much more.