World Construction Today: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. – the developer of the most efficient transport system?

World Construction Today published an article comparing string transport to monorail, maglev, tram, and metro. The author concluded that the UST Inc. rail electric vehicles outperform these modes of transport in many ways. In addition, the publication notes that the parameters of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. product most fully meet modern requirements.

21 January 2022

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Is Included in the Register of Bona Fide Companies of Belarus

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is a reliable and conscientious partner for business activities both in Belarus and abroad. Another confirmation of this is the inclusion of the company in the relevant register of business entities by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

18 January 2022

World Construction Today: «Two Different Systems. What is the Difference between String Transport and Cable Cars?»

World Construction Today published an analytical article on Unitsky String Technologies Inc., detailing the colossal difference between string transport and cable roads. The author of the material came to this conclusion by comparing the principle of work, energy consumption, speed, carrying capacity, and other characteristics of the two transport systems.

14 January 2022

"The future that is already coming": a film about Anatoli Unitsky Is released by "Day TV" channel

The Russian analytical Internet channel "Day TV" showed a film about the founder and General designer of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Anatoli Unitsky. In a discussion with Igor Shnurenko, an author, independent expert and speaker on the subject of artificial intelligence, the author of string transport spoke in detail about his ideas, many of which have already been implemented.

12 January 2022

UST 2021: Deputy General Designer for Science spoke about the company's achievements in the field of science

We continue a series of interviews with the main professionals of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. about the results of the current working year. This time we talked to Sergey Artyushevsky, who supervises the scientific activities of the company.

10 January 2022

How Can String Transport Help in Solving Global Problems Discussed by Scientists in 2021?

The year of 2022 has started. Sure, one can rejoice at a new page in the annals of human civilization. However, it is customary to review the results at the end of an outgoing year. And it is here that the conclusions are quite gloomy, when considering the situation on the planet through the prism of the modern transport industry development. The past year was no exception. Let us recall the statements by experts in the field of transport that are associated with it in our memory.

8 January 2022

UST 2021: the head of the transport overpass department shared the company's achievements

Yuri Kashchuk spoke about the results of the last year and plans for the current one in the next round of interviews.

5 January 2022

UST 2021: Chief Structural Design Engineer of Cargo Transport Complex Shared the Company’s Achievements

Chief Structural Design Engineer of Cargo Transport Complex Dmitry Tikhonov told us about the work performed in the company this year in cargo direction.

3 January 2022

Mass Media on UST 2021: Publication on CNN and Landing on the Cover of Construction Week

Another hard-working year is about to end so we decided to recollect which mass media wrote about UST string rail transport this year.

2 January 2022

New Year's greetings from the management of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

Dear colleagues, dear friends! The year 2021 is going down in history – it's time to sum it up.

31 December 2021