Zero accident risk: learn about the safety of uST transport in the article by TechInsider

Popular science media TechInsider published a review of crashes and accidents caused by all sorts of drawbacks in conventional transportation. The article also details the solution to the accident risk problem, which is proposed by UST Inc.

29 September 2022

How is the "heart" of string transport created? A report on the work of the Electric Drive bureau

With this publication, we begin a series of reports on the design bureaus of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Today we will talk about the Electric Drive bureau. It is here that the "heart" of string transport is created — electric motors, as well as other important components of uPods.

26 September 2022

uST transport is in the center of RTA presentation at InnoTrans 2022

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) presented a concept on public transport development in the city at the international exhibition InnoTrans 2022. The central place in RTA presentation was literally occupied by one of the models developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. – the uBike.

23 September 2022

How will uST technology help the development of the Arctic regions? See the answers in an article from FederalPress

The FederalPress media holding explained how the solution by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. can improve transport accessibility in the regions of the Far North.

22 September 2022

CEO of UST Inc. about the importance of the company's participation in exhibitions

What tasks does the company solve during exhibitions? How is the effectiveness of participation measured? And which of the events can be called the most successful for UST Inc.? These and other questions are answered by the company's CEO Nadezhda Kosareva.

19 September 2022

How Can Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Transform the World of Maritime Shipping?

There are various applications for UST Inc.'s transport and infrastructure complexes, and one of them is maritime shipping. The use of string-rail overpass makes it possible to build seaports at some distance from the shore. This will exclude the work and expenditures that are necessary when constructing seaports near land.

16 September 2022

uST High-Speed Transport Featured on the Cover of a Scientific Journal

Innovative Transport published an article about uST high-speed transport. It describes in detail uFlash U4-362, a promising development of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

12 September 2022

UST Inc. take part in the international conference in Yakutia

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. presented uST solutions during a scientific and practical conference focused on the development of the transport infrastructure of Yakutsk. The event was held on the territory of the North-Eastern Federal University.

8 September 2022

SRTIP CEO in Khaleej Times publication: "In addition to environmental friendliness, uST transport has many other advantages"

The Khaleej Times, one of the leading media outlets in the UAE, published an article in which the General Director of the Sharjah Research, Technology an Innovation Park (SRTIP) Hussain Al Mahmoudi drew attention to the seriousness of the problem of air pollution.

5 September 2022

UAE radio stations broadcast about the transport from Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

In the UAE, two radio stations, Talk 100.3 FM and Dubai Eye, focused their broadcasts on discussing the possibilities and prospects of transport and infrastructure complexes being developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

1 September 2022