Engineers of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Measured Temperature on Track Structures of the EcoTechnoPark

The head of Transport Overpass Design Office Vyacheslav Babushkin shared teh purposes and outcomes of the work.

26 November 2021

General Designer and Founder of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. speaks about the reasons for the company's rebranding

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. announced the completion of the rebranding that began last year. Thus, due to various circumstances, the company returned to its historical name. Among the reasons, there is not only a return to the origins, but also the next, more serious, stage in development. The new brand of the company in English spelling combines the name of the technology with which it all began, and its author's surname.

24 November 2021

Presentation by the uSky R&D Center Became One of the Most Outstanding Events in Expo 2020

The first weeks of Expo 2020 in Dubai have witnessed a special interest to the stand of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. The company has presented string transport and the uSky Innovation Center which has been visited by a great number of top-level guests.

23 November 2021

MEED: Sharjah is reviewing to link with the town of Khor Fakkan using a string technology system

According to the Arab media outlet, the proposed by UST scheme is expected to link the UAE city with an east coast port town.

22 November 2021

UST report: the Univind was tested in the EcoTechnoPark. How was that?

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is running massive testing of the vehicles. This time’s object was the Uniwind. We prepared a short report for you to learn every detail on the tests of innovative transport.

19 November 2021

Return to the roots. The Belarusian engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has declared the completion of the rebranding

The Belarusian engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (UST Inc.) has declared the completion of the rebranding, which began in 2020. Its main reasons are a new stage in the development of string technologies and the company's entry into the world market, as well as a return to terminological and technological origins.

18 November 2021

EchoTechnoPark of UST Inc. Arranged an Excursion for Minsk Gymnasium’s Students

Exceptional. Vivid. Informative. This is pretty much how many 11th grade students of Minsk Gymnasium №36 would describe the end of fall break. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. arranged for them a fulfilling excursion through the EchoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka during which the company’s representatives made everything possible to leave an unforgettable impression on the children. Find out more in the UST report.

16 November 2021

Transport science and technology journal has published the article about the advantages of passenger string transport

The UST (Unitsky String Transport) has become a promising mode of transport ready to carry out cargo and passenger transportation. It has been recognized as innovative by the Ministry of Transport of Russia in 2017.

13 November 2021

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has developed a unique door design for string transport

Novel models of string electric cars (uBus) will go with a new ergonomic entry and exit system. We’re speaking of the sliding plug door with a unique design developed by the engineers from UST Inc.

12 November 2021

Clean Technica: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has developed an electric car more eco-friendly than a Tesla

The North American media outlet Clean Technica described the energy-efficient transport complexes of UST, which are not only more environmentally friendly than Tesla's electric car, but also save cities from traffic jams and accidents.

9 November 2021