Production facility

Production complex

It is intended for perfection of the most essential and important technological solutions of our company.


Special design and technology Bureau with pilot production carries out the entire cycle of work on the production of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. rolling stock:

Выпуск деталей

Production of complementary parts, devices, and components


Testing of mechanical units and electronics


Testing of industrial samples

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Let's work together

Let's work together

We are ready to provide the best transport solution to achieve your goals.

  • The lowest full system cost from $4M/km, which is several times lower than that of traditional types of transport.
  • The most eco-friendly transport, with nearly zero impact on nature and zero traffic accidents statistics.
  • Symbiotic to existing urban infrastructure, with no need for city redevelopment.
  • Terminals free cargo logistics, meaning no extra cargo terminals requires.