Unilet™ U4-362

Faster and safer. Like never before

Юнибус U4-362
Unilet™ U4-362

High-speed vehicle with 6 seats and integrated multimedia system.

It runs at speeds up to 500 km/h on truss string-rail overpasses. It is driven with a traction electric drive, which is powered from a contact network or on-board energy storage unit. The Unilet™ is designed for transportation on intercity and international routes. The body is equipped with a separate luggage compartment.

Юнибус U4-362
Юнибус U4-362
Юнибус U4-362 Юнибус U4-362
Юнибус U4-362 Юнибус U4-362

Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Basic features

Number of seats


Curb weight, kg


Total weight, kg


Noise, dBA, no more


Distance run in offline mode at 100-km/h


Maximum gradient

15 %

virtual coupling of Unilets™ (18 Unilets™ — 6 people in each)

Transportation capacity


Interval between vehicles, sec.



Maximum speed, km/h

to 500

Consumption of electric
energy / fuel
kg/100 km / kg/passenger × 100 km

at 100 speed, km

at 500 km/h

0,630 / 0,105

5,58 / 0,930

Interior design

Ergonomic seats:

  • - adjustable back and pillow
  • - heating and ventilation
  • - massage
  • - lumbar support

Display with built-in multimedia system:

  • - headphone jack
  • - interface in several languages
  • - entertainment (music and video)
  • - view of the route in real time
  • - individual adjustment of the seat
  • - chair, temperature and light control
  • - system of emergency communication with dispatch service

Air conditioner

USB connector

view from surveillance cameras

Hand luggage compartment

Self-rescue system

Luggage compartment with capacity up to 6 average pieces of luggage

*Optional design version

Let's work together!

Let's work together

We are ready to provide the best transport solution to achieve your goals.

  • The full cost of the system is significantly lower compared to conventional transport types.
  • One of the most eco-friendly modes of transport, with nearly zero impact on nature and zero traffic accidents statistics.
  • Symbiotic to existing urban infrastructure, with no need for city redevelopment.
  • Terminals free cargo logistics, meaning no extra cargo terminals requires.