Unicar U4-430

New rhythm of city

Unicar U4-430

High-comfort vehicle with 2-6 seats. It is driven with a traction electric drive, which is powered from a contact network or on-board energy storage unit. Used for driving on urban and suburban routes. The design of the unicar makes it possible to arrange its certain modules into a single train through a rigid coupling. The number of sections of the train and their capacity depends on the assumed passenger flow. The personalized version of unicar U4-431-01 in tropical version is designed for regions with arid climate and upper temperature limit of operation up to + 55 °C inclusive.


Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Basic features

Number of seats


Curb weight, kg


Total weight, kg


Noise, dBA, no more


Distance run in offline mode at 100-km/h


Maximum gradient /

15 %/

with a special design version

30 %


Transportation capacity

to 1500

Interval between vehicles, sec.



Maximum speed, km/h


Consumption of electric
energy / fuel
kg/100 km / kg/passenger × 100 km

at 50 speed, km

at 100 speed, km

at 150 speed, km

0,678 / 0,113

1,038 / 0,173

1,620 / 0,270

Let's work together!

Let's work together

We are ready to provide the best transport solution to achieve your goals.

  • The full cost of the system is significantly lower compared to conventional transport types.
  • One of the most eco-friendly modes of transport, with nearly zero impact on nature and zero traffic accidents statistics.
  • Symbiotic to existing urban infrastructure, with no need for city redevelopment.
  • Terminals free cargo logistics, meaning no extra cargo terminals requires.