Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has developed a unique door design for string transport

Novel models of string electric cars (uBus) will go with a new ergonomic entry and exit system. We’re speaking of the sliding plug door with a unique design developed by the engineers from UST Inc.

12 November 2021

Clean Technica: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has developed an electric car more eco-friendly than a Tesla

The North American media outlet Clean Technica described the energy-efficient transport complexes of UST, which are not only more environmentally friendly than Tesla's electric car, but also save cities from traffic jams and accidents.

9 November 2021

Mass media: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is ready to introduce uSky cargo and passenger complexes into the global logistics

Foreign media have been interested in string transport for a long time now. After the announcement by the companies uSky and Unitsky String Technologies Inc. on October 28 about the transition from the development and production stage to the commercial implementation of the project, string transport became the focus of attention of English-speaking and Arab journalists.

5 November 2021

Formula of transport of the future: how will Unitsky string transport change the world?

In the video the Belarusian engineer and inventor Anatoli Unitsky proposes the solution. His string transport combines several advantages at once: no emissions into the atmosphere, minimal use of electricity and land for the construction of string roads, low construction and transportation costs.

4 November 2021

Unitsky launches cargo and passenger transport complexes ahead of a high-speed solution in 2025

On October 28, in Sharjah’s uSky Test & Certification Centre (UAE) they announced further development plans for Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (UST) and uSky company, representing the interests of string transport in the MENA region.

2 November 2021

The Innovative Transport journal has published the article about the prospects of string transport for cargo transportation

The maximum technology effectiveness is demonstrated by the use of string cargo transport in regions with complex topography, water barriers, large number of transmission lines, agricultural land, mass developments, and other obstacles.

26 October 2021

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. engineers have successfully tested a deformation tube for uPod U4-212-01

It will help to protect passengers and vehicles from damage in the event of an accident.

22 October 2021

The National has published the article about the General designer of Unitsky String Technologies Anatoli Unitsky

«Sharjah sky pods inventor looks to low-cost space journeys next». The article with this title was published by The National.

21 October 2021

Anatoli Unitsky to introduce string transport at GITEX Global 2021

The 41st International Exhibition GITEX Global 2021 recently began at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This is the largest and most prestigious display of the latest advances in information and communication technologies where the author of string transport, Anatoli Unitsky, is delivering his presentation on the optimization of planetary mobility in the future on October 20.

19 October 2021

The UST transport has a new upgrade! We’re sharing the results

Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. is constantly looking for ways to optimize their transport solutions. This time the question is about pneumatic suspension.

15 October 2021