Unitsky String Technologies Inc. took part in the international scientific conference WHEC-2022

Recently, the 23rd International Scientific Conference WHEC-2022 was held in Istanbul. The event dedicated to the topic of hydrogen energy was attended by representatives of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

29 August 2022

String transport is the focus of The National’s attention

The National’s journalists visited uSky Test and Certification Center located in Sharjah. The material published on the website of this media reveals the construction details of the uST cargo system for container transportation.

25 August 2022

Back on track: why will the importance of public transport increase in the world?

The pressing problems of the transport industry are encouraging society to move forward. What will the next stage in the development of this sector be? Apparently, Transport & Infrastructure Complexes of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. may become a highly marketable solution.

22 August 2022

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Present Updated Market Positioning

UST Inc. has published a document with updated market positioning. It contains key information about the company, describes the principle of operation and capabilities of transport and infrastructure complexes, compares with competitors, indicates the cost of construction and the timing of projects.

15 August 2022

PortNews: “How can string technologies reduce port construction costs?”

The leading Russian information and analytical agency in the field of maritime and river transport has published a special project on the possibilities of using string technologies in the field of maritime cargo shipping.

8 August 2022

The expert opinion of General Director of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was published in Forbes

One of the most authoritative financial and economic publications in the world has published an expert opinion of General Director of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Nadezhda Kosareva. The article raises the problem of air pollution and discusses ways to solve it.

3 August 2022

UST Inc. Was Visited by Vladimir Boglaev, a Prominent Practicing Economist and CEO of Cherepovets Foundry and Mechanical Plant

Later on, Vladimir Boglaev shared his insights about his visit on Studio Rubezh, a popular Russian online resource.

2 August 2022

Engineers of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. launched a test cycle of a new method of anchoring ropes

This alternative method can also be called innovative. The idea belongs to the General Designer of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Anatoli Unitsky. You can see the details in the report from the production of UST Inc.

26 July 2022

New Interview: Anatoli Unitsky on the Implementation of Projects in the UAE and Belarus

In a new interview, Anatoli Unitsky talks about what Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has done, how the work is progressing at the test and demonstration center in the United Arab Emirates and at the head office in Belarus.

22 July 2022

The team of UST Inc. has only the best: another confirmation received

Head of Project Management of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Maksim Gusev received a certificate from the International Project Management Institute. Just over 1,000 people in the world have such a certification. We spoke with Maksim to find out the details.

19 July 2022