The Result of the Annual Contest of Final Year Projects

There is no doubt that Unitsky’s String Transport has taken its place in the field of advanced transport developments as a real alternative to existing solutions. The creator of technology founded specialized design, engineering and scientific schools.

8 September 2020

Why Is Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. Transport Complex Unique? Episode 3

From the third series of the cyclus about our transport complex you will find out the following: how to achieve a high level of rolling stock safety, how to redistribute the load of a multi-ton track structure and how to adapt string overpasses to the climate of any country in the world.

7 September 2020

Who maintains IT infrastructure in operating condition?

In his interview, Alexey Shkoda, Director of IT-support Department at Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. will surprise you with the volume of digital data that SkyWay office processes on a daily basis and will share a professional secret: about the set of skills you need to have in order to continuously maintain the huge infrastructure of a major engineering company.

28 August 2020

General сonstructor about SkyWay Innovation Center in Sharjah

The author of string technology, Anatoly Yunitskiy, answers the question of why a SkyWay demonstration center in the UAE is needed, and how it differs from a test site in Belarus.

21 August 2020

Why Is Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. Transport Complex Unique? Episode 2

What does the famous Unitsky’s “string” look like in section and why is its cavity “pumped” with concrete? What science provides smooth running and inviolable comfort of passengers in our vehicles? Finally, how do the “sky roads” transmit electricity for more than a thousand kilometers? You will get to know all this from the second episode of our guide to our transport complex.

19 August 2020

Why Is Unitsky Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. Transport Complex Unique? Episode 1

Courtesy of Sergey Artyushevsky, Deputy General Designer for Science, Unitsky String Technologies Co., we continue to introduce to you the second-level transport complex implemented on the basis of EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka.

15 August 2020