Unitsky String Technologies Inc. becomes a scientific organization!

UST Inc. has been granted the status of a scientific organization. The company was accredited by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus. At the end of April, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was issued the corresponding certificate.

13 May 2022

The Future String Transport Station in a Graduation Project of the University of Sharjah

The graduation project was presented at Fine Arts and Design College of the University of Sharjah. Mohamed Amiroudhin, a student of the College, chose the topic of the future string transport station for his graduation project.

6 May 2022

Railway Technology published an article about the advantages of uST cargo transport

A british media Railway Technology has published an article about Unitsky String Technologies Inc. The article outlines the advantages of the uST Transport & Infrastructure Solutions in the cargo transportation. Why is the cargo transport developed by UST Inc. a promising trend in the industry?

4 May 2022

Media: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Outperformed Virgin Hyperloop

The media resource World Construction Today published an article about the uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes. The author emphisizes that the engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was able to put into practice the passenger segment, while Virgin Hyperloop abandoned the idea of passenger transportation.

26 April 2022

Review on the “Popular Mechanics” magazine website: uST Inc. transport shown in a movie?

In one of the episodes of the Hollywood film “The Island”, a mode of transport was shown that exclusively resembles the technology invented by Anatoli Unitsky, the author of the string transport. Moreover, the general design engineer of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. long before that proposed to the world the idea of the “second level” transport. Did the filmmakers decide to take advantage of it?

22 April 2022

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has tested a unique development – an eddy current retarder

The company has recently tested an eddy current retarder. This device, developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc., complements the string transport braking system. What is its uniqueness? The retarder, unlike the existing analogues, operates without electricity.

19 April 2022

About the Transport of UST Inc. on the Pages of Belarusian Trade Journal

The Belarusian Journal “International Exhibitions” published an article that explains how the uST Transport & Infrastructure Solutions can help to overcome long-standing transportation problems.

15 April 2022

Brazilian Mass Media Highlight String Transport

The AgoraMS news portal has published a release on uST transport and infrastructure solutions. In particular, it was reported about the visit of senior executives from the Brazilian city of Dourados to the uST string transport center located in the UAE.

11 April 2022

What is the advantage of electronic passports for string transport?

The Innotrans journal published an article about electronic passports for the uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes. The article describes in detail every advantage of such a solution.

7 April 2022

British media Railway Technology highlights the advantages of string transport

The publication describes how the transport from Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is capable to improve urban and suburban logistics.

4 April 2022