Presentation by the uSky R&D Center Became One of the Most Outstanding Events in Expo 2020

The first weeks of Expo 2020 in Dubai have witnessed a special interest to the stand of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. The company has presented string transport and the uSky Innovation Center which has been visited by a great number of top-level guests. However, during the exhibition, Belarus must showcase as many national companies’ achievements as possible. The displays are alternated for each company to present themselves properly but, unfortunately, not everybody can make it as dramatic as Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

The inventor of string transport continues to participate in Expo 2020 along with other companies. In contrast, UST have their own uSky demonstration center which has been receiving visitors from the start of the exhibition. It is actually the facility where one can evaluate fully the capabilities of string transport. By the way, the flow of interested visitors (in the uSky demonstration center alone) does not get poorer. Read the review of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. to know who was spotted in the uSky center.

The King of Lesotho

Expo 2020 gathered the members of the Royal Palace of Lesotho and an engineer Anatoli Unitsky. As part of the visit, His Excellence King Letsie III and his wife Her Excellence Queen Masenate Mohato Seeiso, as well as the public authorities of Lesotho Kingdom, attended the uSky Test & Certification Centre.

The royal delegation was presented the string transport technology and the tropical version of UST’s current vehicle. The royal family took a test run and assured themselves in the comfort of this transport. The King of Lesotho was also suggested to learn about the software and hardware operations control system and, supervised by engineers, dispatch the vehicle to a scheduled travel himself.

Realizing the need for better transport communication in their region, His Excellence and the public authorities of Lesotho discussed the possibility to adopt the technology of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. both within the Kingdom and to commute between the capital of Lesotho and the city of Durban in the east of UAE.

…and Ambassador of Rwanda

The Ambassador of Rwanda in UAE Emmanuel Hategeka was another top-ranking guest of the uSky R&D center. During the meeting, the two sides discussed the possibilities to apply and upscale the string transport technology to ship cargo in the Republic of Rwanda. As part of introduction to the string transport, the Ambassador took a personal ride on the vehicle and visited the service station.

“It’s such a pleasure to board the future public transport here in Sharjah thanks to uSky innovations. We’re looking forward to adopt these technologies and innovations in Africa and especially in Rwanda – Eastern Africa. Cooperation with the managers and shareholders of uSky is a proof that the concept is already in action”, said Emmanuel Hategeka.

Brazilian space pioneer boarded string transport for the first time

The uSky center was also attended by the first Brazilian astronaut Mr. Marcos Pontes (currently, the Minister of Science, Technologies and Innovations in Brazil) together with the Ambassador of Brazil in UAE Fernando Luiz Lemos Igreja. They witnessed unique features of the string technologies driven by an automated control system and artificial intelligence. Anatoly Unitsky personally shared the information on the high-speed course in the development of UST and explained the advantage of the string transport over the other types of passenger traffic. Having seen firsthand the safety of UST transport system, the delegates took a test drive and commended the comfort and safety of the ride.

Swiss businessmen are interested in cooperation

Swiss business community also tried out the technology of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. The guests attended the operator station, learned about the features of passenger transportation and cargo shipment and took a test ride. The Swiss businessmen were pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the string technologies and expressed their wish to establish prospective cooperation with Unitsky String Technologies Inc. 

You see that the uSky Innovation Center has been the focus of attention all along by the public authorities and businessmen of different participating countries of Expo 2020. Having studied the product developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc., the visitors express their genuine surprise and wish to set up business cooperation. Meanwhile, the uSky Innovation Center is still working and meeting new top-level guests.

23 November 2021