String transport is in the visitors' focus of attention at Smart Cities India Expo 2022

A major international exhibition Smart Cities India Expo 2022, focused on technologies, has started in New Delhi today. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. takes part in this large-scale event presenting an unmanned and eco-friendly string transport that meets the requirements of modernity most comprehensively. Companies from India, China, Singapore, the USA, Brazil, France, Sweden, Germany and many other countries have also showcased their developments at the exhibition.

Smart Cities India Expo was launched in 2015. Since then, it has become the largest exhibition in Asia on the stated subject. It presents the developments of both major companies and new generation startups seeking to make Indian cities smart and sustainable. The exhibition deals with such areas as clean energy and transport, electronic management, communication systems, data storage and management, innovative methods of urban planning, solar energy, logistics, as well as many other trends.

The international engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. presents at the Smart Cities India Expo an innovative transport that moves above the ground along string rails. This transportation system excludes road accidents, solves the problems of traffic jams and environmental pollution. It is distinguished by high speeds and comfort with low material consumption compared to other types of elevated transport systems.

uST transport and infrastructure solutions have a wide scope of application and allow optimizing transport logistics, providing the highest standards of quality and safety, as well as significant economic benefits. Guests to the exhibition can personally review the advantages of string transport while visiting the company's stand. Representatives of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. will be happy to answer any questions.

As a reminder, those willing can visit the exhibition and explore the products on display until March 25 inclusive. uST product presentation takes place at Booth No. 4.230 in Pavilion No. 4.

23 March 2022