A Delegation from the Government of the Emirate of Sharjah visited SWIC

Representatives from the Government of the Emirate of Sharjah visited SkyWay Innovation Center (SWIC) in the United Arab Emirates. The delegation included Heads of the Department of urban planning, road management, as well as specialists from the consulting company Jacob's.

During the visit, a passenger vehicle of enhanced comfort Unicar U4-431-01 in a tropical version, as well as ready-made elements of the track structure were demonstrated.

The Unicar’s design allows to arrange its individual modules into a single train with a rigid coupling. The demonstrated version of Unicar was developed for regions with arid climate and an upper operation temperature limit up to +55°C inclusive.

During the meeting, the parties discussed plans to complete the construction of the testing and certification center, transition to the next phase of implementation, as well as other possible projects in the UAE and the region.

8 october 2020