Guaranteed Efficiency Even at +50°C. How Does the Microclimate System Work in String Transport?

Extreme temperatures do not threaten not only the string transport, but also its passengers. People in the cabin of uPod will hardly feel any discomfort regardless of bitter cold or exhausting heat overboard. All this is thanks to the microclimate system, which is the unique development of UST Inc. It automatically adjusts the temperature inside the vehicle. The company's engineers Anton Matveychuk and Maxim Lomako described its features.

The steel-wheeled electric cars developed and manufactured by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. are equipped with a vapor compression microclimate system. A special on-board device not only automatically adjusts the temperature in the interior of uPod, but also creates a passenger-friendly climate. It does not matter what the weather is like outside at the time.  

The microclimate system is equipped with an air filtration device and state-of-the-art electric self-regulating heaters. The pre-travel option allows you to warm or cool the cabin before transporting passengers.

"The system automatically adjusts the intensity of air exchange in the cabin based on the readings of the carbon dioxide sensor. A certain amount of fresh air is continuously introduced into the cabin to maintain an adequate level of carbon dioxide concentration exhaled by the passengers. The more passengers in the cabin, the more fresh air will be supplied," says Lead Design Engineer Anton Matveichuk.

This approach saves power, which, combined with the other advantages of uST, ensures low operating costs for the transport and infrastructure complex.

Maksim Lomako, a design engineer, points out another advantage of the system. Unlike its oversized "relatives" found in public transport, the microclimate system in uPod is very compact.

"In U4-431 uPod it was successfully tested in extreme temperatures – up to +55°C. At the same time, +18°C to +23°C was recorded inside the cabin," recalls Anton Matveichuk.

The purpose of the system is not only to maintain a comfortable environment for passengers, but also to cool the electronic hardware, storage battery, and individual components of the traction system.

By the way, the windows and doors of uPod are equipped with double tinted glazing with low-emission coating, which ensures better heat insulation. The air conditioning system receives less load, which adds durability. 

"In general, the service life of the microclimate system is equal to that of the rolling stock, which is 25 years," explains Evgeny Zhichko, Head of the Bodies Design Office, who supervises the work of the division.

For reference

Condensation from air conditioners in cars and buildings usually just pours out. However, the goal of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is to create and implement a thoughtfully designed technology. Condensation from the microclimate system in string transport is accumulated in special-purpose containers and then disposed of in designated areas.

As is evident, the entire system created by the specialists of UST Inc. ensures passenger-friendly climatic conditions. This is just one of a great variety of examples of the company's in-house developments. In many ways, they are just what makes uST transport truly extraordinary.

28 Junе 2022