The Kyrgyz deputy visited Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

Deputy of the Kyrgyz Parliament and the owner of the construction company “Modern Style”, as well as the General Director of the two transport companies “Azhy Akpar” and “Caravan Express” Sharapat Mazhitova visited the head office of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. in Minsk. The guest of honor visited the production site and got acquainted with the string transport in EcoTechnoPark.

More and more government and business representatives from different countries show interest in the uST transport and infrastructure complexes. Thus, the uSky String Transport Test Center in Sharjah (UAE) was visited by the King of Lesotho, the Minister of Transport of Colombia, the ambassadors of Brazil and Rwanda, the first Brazilian cosmonaut, as well as many other distinguished guests.


This time, as part of the discussion of the first stages of the implementation of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. transport and infrastructure solutions on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, Sharapat Mazhitova, a deputy of the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan of the 7th convocation, visited the main office of the design organization in Minsk.

In addition, Sharapat manages two transport companies that are engaged in passenger and cargo transportation – “Azhy Akpar” and “Caravan Express”. Also, Sharapat Mazhitova is the General Director of the construction company of Kyrgyzstan “Modern Style”.

The deputy visited the main office of Unitsky String Technologies Inc., got acquainted with string rail technologies at the production site, and took a ride by string transport in EcoTechnoPark.

We remind you that at the end of 2021, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. announced the launch of the first commercial project. At the moment, the company is already working on several projects in different countries.

The uST note

uST transport and infrastructure complexes are distinguished by high efficiency, safety, and durability. They have a more favorable construction cost and minimal operating costs compared to other types of overpass transport and metro. At speeds up to 150 km/h, the uST urban complexes can carry from 1,000 to 50,000 passengers, while the freight ones are able to carry from 1 to 100 million tons per year.

4 March 2022