British media Railway Technology highlights the advantages of string transport

The publication describes how the transport from Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is capable to improve urban and suburban logistics.

The release by Railway Technology highlights the key advantages of string transport. It solves the problems of traffic jams, excludes road accidents and does not harm the environment. Unimobiles can reach speeds of up to 150 km/h, transport up to 50,000 people per hour and up to 100 million tons of cargo per year.

Unimobiles need for their movement tenfold less energy than most types of traditional transport systems. And the elevated design of the string-rail track allows to keep the landscape and soil in the territory through which it passes practically untouched.

In addition, thanks to the automated control system, the human factor is excluded during the operation of uST transport and infrastructure complexes. Due to this, full control of the route traffic and uninterrupted operation of vehicles is ensured, regardless of harsh weather conditions.

4 April 2022