Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. Innovation Center

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Innovation Center will become part of Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP). It will simultaneously provide transport links for local campuses and serve as a showroom for the Middle East.

Unitsky String Technologies Team

At the first stage, the new products will be a four-seat passenger unicar U4-431-01 in VIP version and a cargo unicont designed for transporting 20- and 40-foot containers


The range of vehicles will be expanded with new suspended and mounted vehicles of greater load capacity and volume, capable of providing greater cargo traffic (up to 200 million tons per year) and more passenger flow (up to 50 thousand passengers per hour)


In the UAE, the developer Company Unitsky String Technologies plans to create a fragment of a linear city — an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and safe settlement located along our transport lines

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Инновационный центр Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Innovation Center will become a base for research and pilot designing work providing an opportunity to develop a network of string routes in the region and around the world.