Unitrans U4-100

Cargo transportation without limitation

Unitrans U4-100

A conveyor-type vehicle on wheel pairs that can rotate in a horizontal plane.

Unlike conventional conveyors, it has no limitation on the length and provides greater safety of transported goods. Loading on the unitrans belt is carried out from a special terminal, and unloading is performed by tilting the belt in a vertical plane.

This unitrans can be combined with the line for unitrucks that significantly expands the scope of its application. The optimal solution for mining of mineral resources and arrangement of cargo handling at terminals and seaports.

Application technology

The belt-type product line on steel wheels includes loading and unloading terminals of special design. It allows for a fast and cost-effective haulage of bulk cargo.

The efficiency of the product line is ensured by round-the-clock and year-round continuous operation, which makes it possible to transport significant volumes of cargo.

Basic features

Maximum capacity of the complex, million tons/year

to 100

Maximum longitudinal gradient to overcome /

30 %

with a special design version

to 45 %


Maximum speed of cargo transportation, km/h

to 36

Let's work together!

Let's work together

We are ready to provide the best transport solution to achieve your goals.

  • The full cost of the system is significantly lower compared to conventional transport types.
  • One of the most eco-friendly modes of transport, with nearly zero impact on nature and zero traffic accidents statistics.
  • Symbiotic to existing urban infrastructure, with no need for city redevelopment.
  • Terminals free cargo logistics, meaning no extra cargo terminals requires.