Иконка елки

Center for practical implementation of string innovative technologies, their international expert evaluation and certification

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1. Demonstrates the environmental potential of string technology — reducing land allocation for the route, consumption of material resources during construction and operation, as well as energy / fuel consumption during operation

2. Assists in certification of each complex and its components — transport overpass, rolling stock and infrastructure

3. Contributes to continuous development and modernization of string technology. Demonstrates relevant communication infrastructure, including bio- and agro-technologies

4. Presents current industrial models of transport and infrastructure complexes: passenger and cargo types


Test center

EcoTechnoPark carries out scientific research, experimental designing and technological works and certification of transport and infrastructure complexes (freight, urban and high-speed intercity types).

Центр испытаний

For 4 years, the test center has built 5 demonstration and certification test complexes of different types with a total length of more than 4 kilometers and the entire infrastructure of the "second level": stations, turn-out switches, engineering networks of water supply and sewerage, power supply systems with networks of the total capacity about 1,000 kilowatts, communication and intelligent control systems, equipped with a system of sensors and technical vision.

Standards are being worked out at one of the complexes for regions with tropical and subtropical climate, including rolling stock in a tropical version.

Струнные рельсы

The technology is constantly being improved

Номер 1

Semi-rigid track structure was upgraded to increase its load capacity by 3 times

Номер 2

On the truss-string overpass, the roller track was upgraded to fit the head of a belt-type rail to improve the evenness of the track, eliminate problems with smoothness and noise when driving electric vehicles

Номер 3

Different types of innovative jointless rail heads are being tested on the truss-string overpass — there will be not even welds that create additional knocking when the wheel is rolling due to local changes in steel hardness

Номер 4

A laboratory complex was built for testing individual units and components. It will test various designs of rails, wheels, current colection — checking wear and tear, noise, durability